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Carding is a process in which a carder (such as Buydumpswithpinonline, Nonvbvccshop or Ccsitesforcarding) makes sure that card numbers are valid and uses them to buy prepaid gift cards or goods. Carders can sell prepaid and gift cards or use them to buy items that can be resold
Get credit card data

These people and websites, including Mastercvvcc and Dumpswithpinreddit, implement different ways to get credit card data. This includes buying unverified data on the dark web. Once they have it, they test it to see if the cards are still active. They perform small transactions in online stores, sometimes with help of bots
Credit card information

There are many ways to obtain credit card information, but not all data is valid and can be used to buy goods and services. Carders, such as Buyccanddumps, Cvvdumps2019 and Validccshopfree, can verify information to sell it on carding forums. Carders also share methods for testing credit card numbers
Carding forums

Carding forums are a part of the dark web and they can't be reached with a standard browser. Pro carders, such as Buycccvvonline and Buycvvwithbitcoin, use bots to help gain access to financial data. These bots can test account passwords and credit card numbers against payment systems